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In a crisis? 

Need a breakthrough?

Want help meeting your goal?


Need Help?

I help people break through a crisis. Spiritual. Creative. Relational. Vocational.

Hit a brick wall?                                                     Stuck?                                                                    Trapped?                                                              Hopeless?

You can find your freedom, independence, and creativity, and live an authentic and happy life. 

I've helped others do it. Let me help you!




"He rescued me out of my pit of despair,  

just by being David!"

Shellie  |  Client

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I have been actively coaching people for decades.

I've helped countless people break through into a life of authenticity and freedom.

I was a pastor for 30 years, and coaching was my style of serving the people. 

After I left the ministry in 2010, I continued serving people online and continue to do so to this day.

You might have heard of my cartoons and writings on spirituality under the name nakedpastor.

You might have seen my art that gets shipped around the world.

You might have heard of my online community The Lasting Supper.

You might have heard of the coaching I provide for people who want to live their own lives with authenticity, freedom, and joy.

The Help You Need

Do you need a breakthrough?

Are you feeling desperate? Are you living in fear, shame, guilt, and confusion with the deep anxiety that you may never get out of it? Are you feeling sad and hopeless, stuck in a rut, and full of despair that things will never change?

Be encouraged! There is a way out!


It's necessary to understand and process your important transition in a beneficial way. Your crisis is not a wall, but a doorway into a deeper, happier, and more peaceful life.

When you desire to grow but experience a crisis, this can interfere with your internal life, your relationships, and your work. But if you maneuver this well, a new level of personal growth will be achieved that will in turn improve every other area of your life.

If you feel stuck or trapped, you are actually being offered a new opportunity to live at a richer, freer, and more successful level.

For example, do you feel like you are losing your faith, your beliefs, or your religion? It is a terrifying experience that may take years to process. If you ever do! Did you know that you can dramatically shorten this transition and turn it into a positive growth experience?


Has your desire to grow and reach your fullest potential led you to feel that you must leave the Church and abandon your beliefs and faith? This can cause a spiritual crisis.

Imagine feeling validated in your spiritual journey just as it is! Imagine feeling relieved that you haven't wasted your time but that you have all the tools necessary to propel yourself to the next level!

Believe this: If you continue your search with intensity, intentionality, and integrity, you will achieve a level of personal maturity you never imagined possible.

Permanent peace of mind is attainable in this life time!

Maybe you are burdened with shame, guilt, and fear because of your upbringing and the limiting beliefs you picked up along the way. You can overcome these! And when you do, your life will burst open with freedom, happiness, and creativity.


My clients are going through this transition. They say I provide a safe space for them to question, be authentic, and independent. They feel free to be themselves. This safe space is the perfect context for incredibly positive change.

I've helped many people break through creative blocks, process the emotions of a struggling relationship, navigate leaving the ministry, and successfully journey through spiritual crises.

I can help you too!

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Let's Talk!

1. We talk by phone or some other way and have a meaningful, helpful conversation.

2. You share your struggle or a goal. We talk all about it.  

3. We decide if we have the chemistry to work together.

4. A schedule and payment plan is determined.

5. Each session is an hour long conversation where we work together toward your goals. 

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How We'll Work:

The answer lies within you. Not within me. Together we will find it.

Imagine sharing your story with an excellent listener who will help you find the light that is within you!

I've seen it enough times to say with confidence...

You will feel happier!

You will be independent and free!

You will have peace of mind!

You will say, "This was totally worth it!"


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