I work with people for a period of time. I will work for a minimum of six weeks, but I usually like at least three months to one year. However, we can discuss an arrangement that you're most comfortable with. We will arrange the times we want to talk on a regular basis. I use phone, Skype, or other video meeting platform. Here are some stories of a few people I've helped through their crises:

Client Success Story 1

One of the people I coached is a farmer. He wanted to start his own agronomy business as a consultant to farmers. In the first month of our coaching relationship, he already acquired his first client that put him well on his way to becoming a successful, independent consultant. His dream came true far more quickly than he imagined possible! "With David’s help I was able to refine my goals and see a path forward."

Client Success Story 2

A successful woman contacted me. She grew up in a very conservative Christian home, was raised in the church, and married into another conservative Christian family. She has children whom she has taken to church their whole lives. But then she started questioning everything. She realized that in order to pursue her heart’s desires, it would mean a dramatic change in her personal life. She intuitively knew that this could possibly jeopardize her relationships, even with her husband, her friends, her family, as well as damage her professional life and reputation. She had a choice. Here’s where I stepped in and helped her through to a place where she was happier than she's ever been. "I thought my life was over. Now I know it's just begun!"

Client Success Story 3

I coached one young woman who felt like she still might be a believer but who had fallen in love with an atheist. She didn't know how to handle it or what to do. I walked with her through her own spiritual questions as well as her relationship with her boyfriend. Eventually, she came to an incredible place of personal peace as well as a deeper appreciation for the man she fell in love with. They are now happily married. "I was so stuck in my beliefs that I couldn't enjoy the good life that was being offered to me. With David's help I worked through all that and fell in love with a man who doesn't believe the same way I do but with whom I couldn't be happier with!"

Let's talk and see if we have the chemistry to work together. If we do, I will be so happy to help you!