David Hayward


Look at the results people are getting from my coaching:

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"I called David out of sheer desperation.  I was experiencing something i had never experienced, an all-out existential crisis, worse than any depression I had suffered.  David talked with me first for a good while, and I couldn’t believe that he not only UNDERSTOOD what I was going through, but said he could help me get through it.  I could tell he was going to be a huge piece to my healing journey.

I can't believe the Hell I was in, and that David stuck with me each week.  Whatever i threw at him, he approached with such a nonjudgmental, warm-hearted way… and as he listened, he would pluck out the things he heard my soul saying. He just knew how to speak to me each particular day, and his words would carry me through to the following week. A lot of this, i believe, is due to his depths of wisdom, of suffering and climbing out of suffering, and his love for people, and his desire to help us get free, and to help relieve suffering. I honestly do not know anyone that could have been there for me in this particular way. All of his life’s pain’s and triumphs, and who he is as a soul, he gave. I’m still shocked he is willing to go to those depths, and will be forever grateful, for he helped rescue me out of that pit of despair, by just being David!"




"David is a profound thinker with a true pastor's heart. He is one of those rare individuals who is wide enough in his own soul to allow and enable unique spiritual journeys to spiritual freedom, without judging or needing to impose his own beliefs. Through mentoring with David I received genuine support, guidance and a safe, healing space to explore my own spiritual transition. I highly recommend working with David as your spiritual coach as you write your own spirituality story."



"My impression of David Hayward is nothing less than extraordinary. First and foremost I truly honor how he not only produces amazing art, poetry, and musings on a daily basis, but also offers rare insights through his spiritual coaching. He helps reconnect the tethered human soul and fill it with creative life again through reconnection to purpose, expression, true heart divinity and the ability to break the shackles of oppressive religious dogma and restore the human condition as it was meant to be."



"David has really helped me navigate the path of doubts, faith, and non-belief. I never felt judged or pressured to accept one point of view, even if my conclusions were different than his. David is honest about his own journey, which made it that much easier for me to open up about my own struggle. He's been there for me, but he is also committed to walking alongside others as they process their own beliefs. David is one of the only places that I know of that provides people like me, to be open and honest without fear of being attacked, shamed, or judged. Dealing with the loss of faith, friends, and being attacked by so many people has been one of the hardest things I've experienced in my life. I know that I wouldn't have survived without David's help!”




"David's the pastor I never had but always wanted and needed. David coaches with humility. He’s not “I know best”. He’s “I’m listening. Don’t be afraid to take the next step!” Sometimes you don’t need someone to have authority. You need someone to create a space for you to grow. David did that for me."




"I found David many years ago. I had been out of church for about a year and was really in a dark place. I had so many questions with no one to talk them through with and paralyzed by fear of deception. I’m not exaggerating to say I don’t know how I would have made it without that first meeting and then the several that followed. He listened without judgment and held a safe place for me to work through my questions, anger, and fears. His insight, words of wisdom and encouragement were instrumental in the freedom and peace I find myself in today.” 



“David is an enlightened, educated friend who completely lacked the ability to judge me when I was in the throes of judging myself the harshest. As I let go of 3 decades of belief, reinforced by family, culture, and my own self talk, David never told me what to believe. He was a guide who assured me there was a good, happy life on the other side of whatever choice I made about my beliefs and that I would continue to be a decent and loving person regardless. Everyone in this kind of turmoil needs a trusted listener and a guide like I found in David.”